I have had a YouTube channel since 2015, and I have posted everything I worked on in the past, along with a bunch of special series I have created.

What Do You Think?

“What Do You Think?” videos are meant to evoke curiosity about the objects around us. I asked all types of questions, from wondering how light bulbs work to the origins of the American football.

Sour Sugar

The goal of this series is to reveal how much sugar is in the food we eat. I covered a wide range of foods and their sugar content, and some might even surprise you!

YOMO (Yoga Monkey)

In this series, I’m having a bit of fun with a stuffed monkey. His name is (Yo)ga(Mo)nkey! Every week he would do a couple of yoga poses for you to see. Occasionally, he might take a break from yoga, and do a different pose for fun.


When I was younger one of my favorite games to play was Minecraft! In these videos I will explain how to craft various items in Minecraft, which you can use to build anything your heart desires.