Celebrate Raksha Bandhan

and support Seattle Children’s Hospital!

I am happy to say that I have raised $719.00, see details below!

Rakhis are traditionally cotton bracelets that signify the bond between brother and sister. They are part of the Hindu festival Raksha Bandhan. A Rakhi was originally tied to your brother’s wrist to protect him from evil influences and show that he will always protect his sister. To reciprocate, the brother will feed his sister Prasadam, a sweet eaten after a religious ceremony. However, in modern times, Rakhis can be given to anyone you love!

You can buy my Rakhis and Annikies:

August 4-10 @Sammamish Apna Bazaar around 5:00pm!

Raksha Bandhan is all about sharing your love for your family and friends, and what better way to do that than celebrating with handmade origami lotus rakhis, Annikies (my signature thumbprint cookie), and supporting Seattle Children’s Hospital! With every Rakhi and Annikie sold, all of the proceeds will be donated to Seattle Children’s Hospital!

Read all about my fundraising efforts in the Sammamish Independent!

Thank you so much to Winter Chiu and everyone at the Sammamish Indy for writing such a wonderful article, and I hope this exposure helps me reach my goal of raising $1000!

Handmade Origami Lotus Rakhis and Annikies

I am making handmade Rakhis with a braided red, yellow, and orange string and a mini origami lotus as the charm. I will also be selling Annikies (handmade thumbprint cookies) with my Rakhis for a sweet to eat after tying the Rakhi ?.

Fundraising for Seattle Children’s

Raksha Bandhan has finally come and I am so happy to announce that I have completely sold out of Rakhis and Annikies!! It has been a lot of hard work getting to this point, including 2 months of preparation and 1 week of selling, but the outcome has been better than I have ever imagined!

In total, I raised $719.00 for Seattle Children’s Hospital, in just 1 week!

Thank you again to my parents for donating all of the supplies and supporting me. It was also so heartwarming to see not only my friends supporting me, but also complete strangers making generous donations. Thank you so much to everyone who either donated or bought rakhis/Annikies, this wouldn’t have been possible without you!

Here is every single person who made a donation to Seattle Children’s through me!

(For more detailed pictures, see below!)

Donate here!

Total amount of money donated through me:

Sheet 1$95.00
Sheet 2$94.00
Sheet 3$104.00
Sheet 4$134.00
Sheet 5$117.00

Donated directly to Seattle Children’s website:

My parents- $100.00

Raja V- $50.00

Sarosh H- $25.00

Total: $175.00

Grand Total Raised: $719.00

(+$50.00 matched by Microsoft to SCH Foundation from Raja V.’s donation)

Behind the Scenes

All of the Rakhis and Annikies were handmade by me, completely from scratch! Thank you so much to my parents for supporting me and donating all the supplies for this to be possible!

It was a lot of hard work getting ready for this year’s Raksha Bandhan. As every component of the Rakhis and Annikies was handmade, I started preparation over two months in advance! The most challenging part was managing my time and making sure I stuck to my schedule. It was really easy to lose my motivation and give up halfway, but my parents were there to support me and keep me motivated! I’m very grateful for my parents for supporting me and also donating all of the supplies for this amazing project!

For all interested, here’s a complete list of supplies I used:

  • Pink and green origami paper
  • Red, yellow, and orange embroidery thread
  • Mini clear elastic rubber bands
  • Cotton Rounds
  • Clear plastic boxes
  • Avery stickers/labels for side and bottom of box
  • Poster Board
  • Annikies: bags, stickers, and baking supplies

Want to learn more about Raksha Bandhan? Check out my podcast Story Station!

Full Donation Sheets

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