Other Projects


I have had a YouTube channel since 2015, and I have posted everything I worked on in the past, along with a bunch of special series I have created.

Story Station

Story Station is a podcast where you can listen to ancient stories of wit & wisdom, from around the world! During the COVID-19 pandemic, with millions of kids stuck at home, we (my Dad & I) wanted to do something to keep them engaged and to create an avenue to gain knowledge of cultures around the world.

  • Chinmaya

    The Chinmaya Mission is a Hindu religious and spiritual organization started by Guru Chinmaya. It aims to spread good values and other life lessons, especially to kids at a young age. I have been part of the Chinmaya Mission since I was 2 years old, and it has been a wonderful constant in my life. Every time we moved states or houses, there would always be a Chinmaya center to be a part of!

    <- My mom and I when I first joined Chinmaya!

  • Summer Reports

    (Almost) Every summer I will write a report of everything I accomplished that season! Check them all out here!

  • Origami

    Origami is the Japanese art of paper folding, and is not only a fun activity, but produces wonderful works of art. I got into origami during quarantine, and my favorite thing to make is an origami lotus.

    As the lotus is simple to make, I figured it was the perfect thank-you favor to use in my Arangetram! To make it just a little more professional, I made mini versions and even presented them in their own mini display case! So cute!

  • Reflections

    Reflections is an art contest hosted by the National PTA and your local school PTAs. Every year they have a different theme/prompt to inspire you, and I typically submit a literature piece! This is my most recent submission…